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Case study: Prioritising a child’s best interests

Child picking flowers | Case Study on prioritising child's best interests | Seton Family Lawyers | Central Coast Family Lawyer

Establishing parenting arrangements that prioritise a child’s best interests and well-being amid parental disputes has its complexities. We share this case study to offer some key insights. Acting for the applicant mother, Dominique Markwort, Senior Associate at Seton Family Lawyers, navigated a sensitive family law matter. The child had been primarily cared for by the […]

Considering divorce? Understand why, and when to consult a family lawyer

Considering divorce? Understand why | Seton Family Lawyers | Central Coast Lawyers

Navigating the complexities of marriage can be a challenging journey, and individuals may find themselves contemplating the difficult decision of divorce if they don’t see eye to eye with their spouse. Understanding why you might be considering divorce, and recognising when to seek advice from a family lawyer is an important step in securing a […]

What to expect when meeting your family lawyer

A female lawyer seated at a table in a conversation. What you may see when meeting your family lawyer for the first time.

When you’re preparing for your first meeting with a family lawyer, it’s natural to experience a range of emotions. Facing any legal issues can bring on stress, sadness, guilt and worry and these feelings can be heightened when they involve your family. Understanding what to expect and how to prepare for your initial consultation, can […]

What happens if you get caught with drugs at a festival?

An image of a crowd at a festival | Drugs at a Festival | Criminal Law Central Coast

Festival season is in full swing, with plenty of festival goers preparing outfits, checking the lineup for their favourite band and enjoying live music. However, the party atmosphere can quickly turn sour if festival goers find themselves on the wrong side of the law when it comes to drug offences. In this article, we’ll cover […]

Navigating a suspended drivers licence: know your rights and responsibilities

Man driving on mobile phone | Suspended Drivers Licence NSW | Seton Family Lawyers

Having your drivers licence suspended can be devastating, especially if your family or work relies on you being able to drive. It’s essential to understand your rights, responsibilities, the legal processes involved, and how to get back on the road. In our article, we provide helpful information on what to do if your NSW drivers […]

What you need to know about changes to Family Law in Australia

Mother with child | Changes to family law Australia | Family Law Solicitor Central Coast

There are important changes to family law that you and your family need to know, with the Family Law Amendment Act recently passing on 19 October 2023, and the changes coming into effect on 6 May 2024. These new laws have the objectives of prioritising the best interests of children and improving the overall functioning […]

Challenging a will – understanding your rights

Contest a will - understanding your rights | Central Coast lawyers | Central Coast Law Firm Seton Family Lawyers

When a loved one passes away your focus is often on grieving, rather than contemplating what you may inherit from their estate. However, if you find yourself excluded from the will or left with minimal provisions, it’s crucial to take prompt action if you need to contest a will. In this blog, we’ll outline your […]

What’s a de facto relationship?

What Is A De Facto Relationship? | Seton Family Lawyers Central Coast

In the latest census by The Australian Bureau of Statistics, over two million Australians reported they were in a de facto relationship. So, while this relationship status is more widely known now, there are often misconceptions about what constitutes a de facto relationship and the legal rights around them. In this article, we cover the […]

Domestic violence help and support

Domestic Violence Support Resources | Seton Family Lawyers Central Coast Family Lawyers

Domestic violence remains a problem on the Central Coast and across Australia. But support is available. A problem too close to home Your home should be a place of safety and comfort but, for many, it is a dangerous place. Domestic violence is just one type of abuse that you may experience at home. In […]

Separation or divorce: understanding your child’s legal rights

Separation and divorce: understanding your child's legal rights | Central Coast Family Lawyers | Seton Family Lawyers | Lawyers Central Coast

Separating from your de facto partner, or going through a divorce is a difficult and turbulent time in your life. And if you have young kids or a blended family, you might be wondering what this means for your children and stepchildren and your child’s legal rights. Biological and adopted children have the same legal […]

What you need to know about using a phone while driving

Man using phone while driving | Seton Family Lawyers | Central Coast Criminal Lawyers | Erina Criminal Lawyer

Firstly – don’t read this while driving! The rules on mobile phone use while driving are often misunderstood, which means that you can easily get caught out by a mobile phone detection camera or traffic and highway patrol. Here’s what you need to know to avoid being fined or losing points off your licence and […]

What is an AVO and how does it work?

Woman looking in mirror with bruised face seeking AVO | Apprehended violence order | Seton Family Lawyers | Central Coast Family Lawyers

Do you need an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) to protect you and your family? We explain what they are and the process of applying for one. We also talk about what you should do if someone has applied for an AVO against you. What is an Apprehended Violence Order / AVO? An Apprehended Violence Order, […]

Mediation for dispute resolution — let’s talk

Couple arguing and searching for mediation for dispute resolution | Central Coast Family Lawyers | Seton Family Lawyers

Dispute resolution is often more challenging than it needs to be. Mediation is one option for resolving disputes and it may help you. What is mediation? Mediation is a dispute resolution process that uses a neutral and independent person (a mediator) to help the parties negotiate an agreement to resolve their dispute. What does mediation […]

What happens to superannuation in a divorce?

Women looking pensively at laptop, considering splitting superannuation in divorce

Going through a separation or divorce is a stressful period in your life. You may be asking yourself who gets what, and how are assets divided fairly. In the unfortunate event that your relationship breaks down, both your and your partner’s superannuation is considered property, and like your other assets, it can be divided between […]

When should I make a will?

Young Family playing on couch at home | When should you make a will? Seton Family Lawyers

Whilst it can be a difficult topic to discuss with loved ones, having a will in place can give you peace of mind, and ensure your loved ones are provided for after your passing. It can also unburden them during a difficult time in their lives, and ensure your wishes are executed. So, if you’ve […]

Trending: Divorce in January? You’re not alone

Unhappy couple on couch | Contacting their Central Coast Divorce Lawyer

The holiday season can often be make or break for couples. With financial stress, social expectations and family tension, it’s no surprise that Google Trends show searches for divorce often spike in January. So why are so many couples searching for the best family lawyer to help them through a separation or divorce?  In this […]

5 tips for shared parenting in the holidays

Mother and child decorating a Christmas tree and navigating shared parenting in the holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, it can be a busy and stressful time, especially if you have family visiting or you are hosting a large family event. If you are also navigating shared parenting, whether it be your first year, or after many years, it can create extra tension. We’ve listed our top tips below […]

6 relationship red flags you shouldn’t ignore

6 relationship red flags you shouldn't ignore | Seton Family Lawyers | Central Coast Family Lawyers

If you’ve had a partner make a comment that just didn’t feel right, or they don’t get along with any of your friends or family, you might be spotting relationship red flags. In hindsight, bad behaviour is easy to spot, but when you’re feeling loved up, it’s easy to dismiss. In this blog, we cover […]

Do you need to talk to a family lawyer before ending things with your spouse?

Image of a lady sitting with her head in her hands with the image of a male sitting away from her in the background

Things might be feeling tense at home, and you feel like your marriage has lost its spark. Are you thinking about separating, but worried about your assets and family if you split from your partner? A family lawyer can help you navigate this difficult time in your life, and achieve the best outcome for you […]

Is a ‘prenup’ necessary before marriage?

Central Coast Woman with engagement ring and man holding hands before wedding considering prenup Seton Family Lawyers Central Coast Lawyers

It’s an exciting time. You’re newly engaged and in the midst of wedding planning when you suddenly think, do I need a prenup? There can be many reasons to consider a prenup. You may be marrying later in life, have dependent children from a previous relationship, want to protect your hard-earned assets, or can see […]

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