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When do you need a family lawyer on your side?

Distant couple sitting on brown lounge considering if they need a central coast family lawyer

You may be thinking about the future, and protecting your family, property or assets. Or maybe you’re separating from your partner, and you need to arrange parenting orders or split assets. And unfortunately, sometimes assault and criminal charges are involved in your split. It’s hard to think clearly during this time. You need someone you can […]

What are my rights if I want to separate from my partner?

Woman taking off ring when separating from my partner Seton Family Lawyers Blog

“I’m separating from my partner – now what?” At the time of separation, couples living in the same place will often disagree about their living arrangements for the immediate future. It is important to know your rights and obligations at this difficult and uncertain time. Can you be kicked out? How can I kick my […]

What are interim parenting orders and why are they important?

Divorcing parents behind of sad child holding bear. Seton Family Lawyers Blog

Interim parenting orders are exactly as they sound. They are enforceable court orders that codify parenting arrangements until final orders are made – whether by agreement between the parents or by judgement at a final hearing. Getting to final hearing, in some cases, can take as long as 3 years, so it is important to […]

My driver’s licence has been suspended – what can I do?

Can I appeal a suspension of my drivers licence? Yes you can appeal if your drivers licence has been suspended, but only if: (a)   your licence has been suspended by a police officer at the time of the offence; (b)   your licence has been suspended for speeding more than 30 or 45km/h over […]

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