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Concerned about legal costs? Litigation funding provides a flexible way to pay

Navigating a family law matter can bring significant emotional and financial stress. Seton Family Lawyers recognises how challenging this can be, and is now accredited with JustFund, Australia’s only dedicated family law finance provider, offering litigation funding. 

What is JustFund and how does it work? 

JustFund is a financial service designed specifically for individuals involved in family law proceedings, who may struggle to cover legal costs upfront. It offers a loan and litigation funding if you’re going through separation, to help pay legal bills and disbursements, which is then repaid from the property settlement at the conclusion of your case. This means you don’t need to worry about immediate fees, allowing you to focus on your matter, and most importantly, your family. 

How do you apply for JustFund? 

Applying for JustFund is straightforward, and with Seton Family Lawyers being accredited with JustFund, our lawyers and team can guide you through the application process. The application process is user-friendly, where you’ll provide information on your financial situation and details of your property assets. 

What makes JustFund different to other lenders?

JustFund makes it easy for those who are going through separation and are looking for litigation funding. Unlike traditional lenders, JustFund focuses on your unique circumstances, not just metrics like income, employment history and credit score. And, you’ll get to speak with a family law specialist with first hand experience, not just a funding assistant, who’ll provide a smooth and comforting experience. 

Do you need help separating and protecting your financial future?

Seton Family Lawyers are experienced and accredited family law specialists. Contact us today to book an appointment so we can help and guide you through your divorce, or provide more information on JustFund and how it can support you through this process. We settle 98% of cases outside of court and are conveniently located in Erina, NSW. Our Central Coast family law specialists can help you secure your financial future and achieve the best outcome for you and your family. 

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