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Family Dispute Resolution

Our accredited practitioners can help you and your family to:

  • Understand the family law process and what to expect
  • Prioritise the needs of your children
  • Identify and focus on the key issues in dispute
  • Consider different options for resolution
  • Communicate effectively with each other
  • Work together to reach an agreement on parenting arrangements and division of assets
  • Help resolve your dispute fairly

Family Dispute Resolution

While conflict is a normal part of any relationship or family dynamic, sometimes conflict can escalate and become unhealthy and detrimental to the family unit, ultimately leading to separation.

When this happens, engaging a family dispute resolution practitioner can help. Family dispute resolution (FDR) is a special type of mediation designed to help separating families come to their own agreements about parenting or financial matters. It’s a practical and affordable way for separating families to resolve important issues fairly.

An FDR practitioner is an independent person, trained in mediation and negotiation and specialising in family disputes. They are accredited and trained in working in a family law environment and in responding to domestic and family violence. At Seton Family Lawyers, we create a supportive and safe environment, giving you the opportunity to openly discuss any situation.

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Family Mediation

Seton Family Lawyers also offer family mediation services to help resolve disputes between family members. Unlike FDR, family mediation is not restricted to separating families and can be used to resolve a wide range of issues that may be plagued by poor communication and disharmony.

Our practitioners are highly skilled in family law and mediation, and can help you reach an amicable resolution that is acceptable for everyone.

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