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Coercive control now a criminal offence in NSW

Coercive control now criminal offence | Seton Family Lawyers | Central Coast Lawyers

From 1 July 2024, coercive control is now a stand-alone, criminal offence in New South Wales (NSW). This new law addresses repeated patterns of abusive behaviour, both physical and non-physical, aimed at coercing or controlling a current or former intimate partner.  What is coercive control?  Coercive control is an ongoing and repeated pattern of behaviour […]

Concerned about legal costs? Litigation funding provides a flexible way to pay

Woman looking for litigation funding for divorce | Seton Family Lawyers Blog

Navigating a family law matter can bring significant emotional and financial stress. Seton Family Lawyers recognises how challenging this can be, and is now accredited with JustFund, Australia’s only dedicated family law finance provider, offering litigation funding.  What is JustFund and how does it work?  JustFund is a financial service designed specifically for individuals involved […]

What happens if you get caught with drugs at a festival?

An image of a crowd at a festival | Drugs at a Festival | Criminal Lawyers Central Coast

Festival season is in full swing, with plenty of festival goers preparing outfits, checking the lineup for their favourite band and enjoying live music. However, the party atmosphere can quickly turn sour if festival goers find themselves on the wrong side of the law when it comes to drug offences. In this article, we’ll cover […]

Navigating a suspended drivers licence: know your rights and responsibilities

Man driving on mobile phone | Suspended Drivers Licence NSW | Seton Family Lawyers

Having your drivers licence suspended can be devastating, especially if your family or work relies on you being able to drive. It’s essential to understand your rights, responsibilities, the legal processes involved, and how to get back on the road. In our article, we provide helpful information on what to do if your NSW drivers […]

What you need to know about using a phone while driving

Man using phone while driving | Seton Family Lawyers | Central Coast Criminal Lawyers | Erina Criminal Lawyer

Firstly – don’t read this while driving! The rules on mobile phone use while driving are often misunderstood, which means that you can easily get caught out by a mobile phone detection camera or traffic and highway patrol. Here’s what you need to know to avoid being fined or losing points off your licence and […]

What is an AVO and how does it work?

Woman looking in mirror with bruised face seeking AVO | Apprehended violence order | Seton Family Lawyers | Central Coast Family Lawyers

Do you need an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) to protect you and your family? We explain what they are and the process of applying for one. We also talk about what you should do if someone has applied for an AVO against you. What is an Apprehended Violence Order / AVO? An Apprehended Violence Order, […]

My driver’s licence has been suspended – what can I do?

Can I appeal a suspension of my drivers licence? Yes you can appeal if your drivers licence has been suspended, but only if: (a)   your licence has been suspended by a police officer at the time of the offence; (b)   your licence has been suspended for speeding more than 30 or 45km/h over […]

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