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Wills And Estate Planning

An estate plan provides you with peace of mind around your family’s future, and that your wishes will be carried out, in the event of your passing. An estate plan could include your will, power of attorney, appointment of enduring guardian and also details around life insurance, superannuation or death benefit nominations. It details how and when your assets will be distributed, and who is responsible for managing your affairs.

Our team can help prepare your legally valid and binding will, power of attorney or an appointment of enduring guardian, protecting your family from stressful legal disputes at an already difficult time in their life.


There’s many reasons for having a valid will in place, even if you have a small estate, and it’s not just for older people. Life is unpredictable, so it’s important to appoint an executor of the will and express your wishes regarding how your assets and property are to be distributed if you pass away. This helps to streamline legal processes, minimise potential conflict between family members, and protect the interests of your children.

Power of attorney

A power of attorney is a document which gives authority for someone to manage your financial and legal affairs for you. The person appointed to look after your affairs is called your attorney. Your attorney can act for you in a number of ways including doing your banking for you, talking to important organisations for you, signing legal documents for you and buying and selling property for you. Even if you’re married, it’s important to have a power of attorney, particularly if you own a home.

A power of attorney can be prepared in a way that it operates immediately, for a defined period of time and/or in the event you lose mental capacity.

We can help guide you about who you should appoint in this role as well and framing the document so that your exact wishes can be carried out on your behalf in the event it is required.

Appointment of enduring guardian

An appointment of enduring guardian is a document which gives someone (your guardian) the right to make medical, care and accommodation decisions for you if you are unable to make those decisions for yourself. An appointment of enduring guardian only operates if you do not have mental capacity. If you do have capacity, you can make your own decisions.

Often doctors will listen to family members and even accept the decisions made by family members without requiring you to provide an appointment of enduring guardian. However, there are specific situations where you may experience difficulties and an appropriately appointed enduring guardian can step in. 

We can help guide you about who you should appoint in this role as well as preparing the legal documents. 

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