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Trending: Divorce in January? You’re not alone

The holiday season can often be make or break for couples. With financial stress, social expectations and family tension, it’s no surprise that Google Trends show searches for divorce often spike in January. So why are so many couples searching for the best family lawyer to help them through a separation or divorce? 

In this blog, we’ll share the reasons why so many couples reach breaking point right after the holidays, and what to do next if you’ve decided to split from your partner. 

Holiday blues

The holidays and Christmas are meant to be happy occasions, filled with joy and merriment, right? So if the holidays didn’t live up to your expectations, you might have realised that this is not the life you hoped for, and your relationship isn’t as rosy as it once seemed. Many couples realise they aren’t on the same page with family traditions or social expectations during the holidays, and this causes a breakdown in the relationship.

New year resolutions 

Ringing in the new year brings an opportunity to reflect on the year and set resolutions for the year ahead. Sometimes, this also means you realise that you actually don’t want to spend the next year with your partner. If you’re feeling this way, realise you aren’t alone. Now is the time to find the best family lawyer to protect your future. 

Family tensions

Family get-togethers are meant to be wonderful, happy occasions, but realistically they can be strained and filled with tension. If you spent the Christmas holidays gritting your teeth through yet another tense family event, or worse it ended in an argument, this can often be the breaking point in a relationship. 

Parenting problems

Do you and your partner have conflicting expectations about parenting? Or even opposing ideas about how many presents or chocolates the kids should receive on Christmas day? These things might seem small to begin with, but ultimately can cause significant issues, impacting on your belief systems and traditions. And with everyone out of routine on school holidays, travelling, or in a new holiday spot, this can add a new layer of stress on any relationship, let alone if it was already feeling fragile. 

So if you’re nodding along, and wondering what’s next, it’s time to engage a family law specialist. A divorce lawyer can help guide you through the process of separating from or divorcing your partner or spouse, and ensure you get the best outcome for your family. 

Contact the Central Coast’s best divorce lawyers and get help protecting you and your family. 

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